Easy-Peasy eCommerce solutions

BlumSolutions is a superior and individualistic eCommerce digital marketing agency, with unequalled experience managing digital campaigns for striking brands.
Create your brand from scratch with qualified designers and shopify developers.

Shopify Developers

Shopify development is an excellent solution for promoting your business. 
A ready-made e-store on the Shopify platform combines a smart look and ease of use. Our shopify developers always ready to help with yours cases

WooCommerce Developers

WooCommerce creates a significant load, especially if you plan to add a large number of products. It is the same as the WordPress site but with advanced functionality for organizing your e-store and more than thousands of plugins and all for free. 

Boosting PageSpeed Rank

The first and last crucial advantage of the e-store is a high PageSpeed rank.
Speed up the loading of your web page to grasp visitors who can not wait for a long time.

Klaviyo and Mailchimp

An email campaign helps to turn a visitor into a regular reader, build trust, thereby converting new visitors into ready leads.
Along with Mailchimp and Klaviyo, our team creates and designs personal and branded templates for better upsales and web-integration.

Third Party API Integration

Automate your business routine, expand the list of aids, and make it more serviceable using integration with third-party API services. 

CRM Integration

CRM helps to build a connection between your site and other systems. You may freely synchronize orders, manage various tasks, and easily communicate with your customers.

eCommerce Design

Our main task is to ensure a comfortable user interaction with a mobile application or website. We are eager to make your web store not only aesthetic but user-friendly and constructive for the business.

Landing Pages

The landing page is bright, informative, attracting the attention of the visitor and not overloaded with unnecessary information. 
By using landing pages, you may influence web visitors to take active action, buying, registering, downloading a file, subscribing, filling out the required form, or go to the required page.
BlumSolutions team develops different kinds of landing pages.

Support and maintenance of the existing stores

The web-store needs continuous development and support after its launch.
BlumSolutions technical support team can provide prompt improvements and renovations to your store.
We think that the support and maintenance of the existing store are not only content updating but the introduction of new functions, revision of new sections, and extensive optimization.

“I am satisfied with the results. The task was to create an online clothing store from scratch.
A lot of work has been done. The assigned tasks have been performed professionally and efficiently. BlumSolutions team always suggested the best solutions in the implementation of a particular task. It is worth noting that BlumSolutions managers have inexhaustible patience and decency when working with customers and with minimal supervision of creating online stores. Thank you! Everything worked out as planned.”

Helen Morris

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