Boosting PageSpeed Rank

The fast loading speed of a website is remarkably essential.

The fast loading speed of a website is remarkably essential. It enhances user engagement, raises conversion rates, increases user engagement, and even gives it a push for growth in SERP. After all, talking about mobile traffic, no one wants to load the page that weighs 4 MB and wait for ages.

About 57% of visitors leave a page that loads more than 3 seconds. So, we can admit, better page-speed rank equals better conversion of the site. By decreasing the load time of your landing pages, you can increase your downloads by 15.4%, resulting in 60 million additional downloads.

So what can we do to speed up website loading:

  • Reduce the size of site pages

By reducing the size of your site’s pages, we increasing its loading speed.

  • Minimize graphics weight

Graphics often make up 80% or more of the total page size. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the published images.

  • Facilitate JavaScript and CSS

Using special tools to facilitate JavaScript and CSS code leads to reducing the size of the corresponding elements more than standard compression technologies

  • Low the number of browser requests

More requests from the browser mean slower loading. To minimize loading time, our team creates conditions where the visitor’s browser sends as few requests as possible.