Elon Musk presented an updated Neuralink

A wireless Link chip in the shape of a coin

Elon Musk had held a second public demonstration of Neuralink technology on August 28. During the presentation, he presented a redesigned version of the neuro interface, answered some questions, and revealed the results of work on two pigs.

The chip was inserted successfully into an animal’s brain, and everyone could see how the Neuralink reads the brain activity.

So far, Musk has demonstrated only reading brain signals, but in the future, Neuralink plans that the device could not only read but also write the information — for therapeutic purposes.

Neuralink has been developed to treat diseases such as paralysis, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

The presentation aims to find talented specialists to operate on the project.

Neuralink functions

  • The new chip is more functional and efficient than all previous models of neuro interfaces. For example, it can stream music and work with various devices via Bluetooth.
  • The number of electrodes for transmitting information from neurons decreased from 3072 to 1024.
  • The chip reads brain activity, and data is transmitted wirelessly.
  • Specialists are developing a mobile application for Neuralink control.
  • The main task of the team is to create a long-lasting device that can work without degradation for decades.

Chip implant revolution

The chip will be inserted by a fully automated robotic surgeon. A robot surgeon drills a small hole in the skull and connects Link to the brain through flexible threads.

The surgery is performed within an hour and can be done without anesthesia — there is no risk and damage to tissues and the nervous system, and you can leave the clinic on the same day.